Princeton vs. Cornell 11.7.14 Corsi

Princeton defeated Cornell 2-1 at Baker Rink on Friday, but the Big Red dominated possession for much of the game. Here are the Corsi stats from the contest:

First period:

5-on-5: 17.67 percent
Total: 18.37 percent

The Tigers scored early in the first on a power play. Since there was only a one-goal difference in this (and the second) period, both these situations are defined as Corsi close. Here’s the shot chart from the period:

First Period Shot Chart

Second Period:

5-on-5: 44 percent
Total: 34.15 percent

With the score still 1-0 in favor of Princeton, this period’s Corsi also counts as a close. While Princeton’s Corsi improved in this period, it’s important to note the Big Red had three power plays — which is why Princeton’s total Corsi is lower than its 5-on-5. Here’s the shot chart from this period:

Second Period Shot Chart

Third Period:

5-on-5: 43.48 percent
Total: 42.86 percent

Corsi close only applies to the first and second periods with there is a one-goal difference (the theory behind this is teams down by a goal will be attacking more late in the game.) But this period wasn’t too bad for Princeton in terms of puck possession. You can see from the shot chart that Princeton didn’t give up as many close-range scoring chances as earlier in the game, but there were still some tough saves Colton Phinney needed to make. Here’s the third period shot chart:

Third Period Shot Chart

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