Getting To Know The Freshmen Tigers: Ryan Berlin

Forward Ryan Berlin joins Princeton after spending four years in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Last season, Berlin appeared in 21 games with the Whitecourt Wolverines. He recorded 14 goals and 27 points. Over the past four seasons, the Edmonton, Alberta native played in 180 games and recorded a career-high 41 points in 2012-13.

We caught up with Berlin, and here’s what the incoming freshman had to say:

Why did you choose Princeton University?

It wasn’t a tough choice to choose Princeton. Ever since I decided not to go to the WHL, I wanted to go to an Ivy League school. Princeton gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and there was no chance I was turning it down.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to meeting the students of Princeton. They are all extraordinary people to get in and I can’t wait to meet some of them.

When did you get into hockey? What’s your earliest memory?

I don’t remember exactly when I got into hockey, I was either five or six, but the first thing I remember was a minor hockey week game. It was in overtime, one-on-one and I got a breakaway and we won the game and the tournament.

What NHL team did you grow up rooting for and why?

Edmonton Oilers, [the] hometown team. [I] till like them but I also cheer for Chicago as well.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in hockey?

I have always been tagged as an inconsistent player, so my biggest challenge is making coaching and even teammates believe I can be counted on when the game’s on the line.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen when playing hockey?

When my friend’s dad got kicked out of a game [and he] put on a fake mustache and come back in to watch.

Who’s the most influential person in your hockey career?

My father is. He has always pushed me and when I was a kid he taught me how to play the game. He is still my biggest supporter.

What’s the most exciting experience you’ve ever had?

When I climbed the Crowsnest Mountain in the Rockies. It was a pretty intense climb, but the rush of climbing it was just phenomenal.

What do you plan on majoring in/what are your academic interests?

I am very interested in biology. Therefore I want to major in biology.

What do you hope your legacy at Princeton University will be?

I am hoping my legacy will be left as a great hockey player and a very well-liked member of the community.

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