Update: Neil Doef Regaining Feeling In Lower Body

Neil Doef has regained feeling in one leg and in several toes in the other leg, the Record News reported.

“I don’t care if he ever plays hockey again, I just hope he is able to walk,” Doef’s grandmother, Delores Beaupre told the Record News.

“He is coming along. His spirits are good and he has a good outlook,” she said.”He has some feeling in one leg and a couple of toes on the other.”

On Jan. 6, Doef’s injury was officially disclosed as a spinal cord injury that resulted in loss of movement in his lower body.

“His rehab will give him independence and this sensation and movement will definitely be a bonus in the rehab program,” the Doef family said in a statement.

“But there will still be many obstacles, the most obvious at this time being his ability to return to their present home. Renovations or a possible move will be in the immediate future and we will be assisting this need as much as we can through ongoing fundraising efforts.”

Doef was injured on Dec. 14 at the WJAC while playing for Canada East. He was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery that night. Doef was moved to The Ottawa Hospital on Christmas Eve and began intensive rehab last week.

Since his injury, fundraising attempts have brought in over $100,000 dollars. Those interested in contributing can still donate to the “Doefstrong in trust” at Scotiabank.

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