Getting To Know the Freshmen Tigers: Joey Fallon

Joey FallonJoey Fallon played for the Lone Star Brahmas in the NAHL last season, recording 22 points over 51 games. Prior to joining Lone Star, Fallon skated for the Gloucester Rangers of the CCHL where he played with Princeton’s Ryan Kuffner and Max Veronneau. That season, Fallon netted 64 points in 67 games.

Eye On The Tigers caught up with Fallon to see what the incoming freshman had to say:


Why did you choose Princeton University?

I chose Princeton because It gave me the opportunity to receive the best possible education while also having the ability to play hockey at a high level. In addition, the beauty and the history of the campus made the choice an easy one.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to meeting all the guys on the team as well as my seven roommates.

When did you get into hockey? What’s your earliest memory?

I started playing hockey when I was four years old. My earliest memory is me not being able to skate so I sat on the ice and used my skate as a pickaxe trying to make a hole in the ice.

What NHL team did you grow up rooting for and why?

I grew up rooting for the New York Rangers. My dad was always a big fan so I was pretty much born into it.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in hockey?

The biggest challenge I faced in hockey was being cut from my squirt major team. It became a turning point in my career and it really made me realize that I could not take anything for granted.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen when playing hockey?

The strangest thing that I have ever been a part of was winning a game in double overtime by shooting the puck from the red line, hitting an opposing defender and deflecting in the net.

Who’s the most influential person in your hockey career?

The person who has had the most influence on my hockey career is my dad. He pushed me hard to be the best player I could be. He has driven me to countless 6 a.m. skates and plans his whole schedule around my hockey games. As far as on the ice, my youth hockey coach, Pat Lafontaine, and my high school coach, Chris Baudo, both did so much to shape the player and person that I am.

What’s the most exciting experience you’ve ever had?

The most exciting experience I have ever had was going to Quebec City for two weeks for the international peewee tournament. I got to stay with a French billet family while playing kids from all over the world in front of thousands of fans.

What do you plan on majoring in/what are your academic interests?

I have always been interested in math, science and history and I plan on majoring in economics.

What do you hope your legacy at Princeton University will be?

I hope my legacy at Princeton will be that I am remembered as a loyal and hard-working person.

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