Comparing Colton Phinney’s Numbers

Princeton hockey enters the midseason mark having used primarily one goalkeeper, Colton Phinney.

The Tigers used a goalkeeper rotation last season, when Phinney appeared in 18 games. But in the first half of last season, Phinney had played in seven games – compared to 12 this season. Last year, Phinney also only started back-to-back games three times by the middle of the season, and it took Phinney until Feb. 7, 2013 against St. Lawrence to appear in his 12th game.

Given that Phinney is seeing more playing time this year,  it’s interesting to compare his save percentage statistics. Phinney entered the break having started seven games, and is the first Princeton netminder to do so since Sean Bonar made nine straight starts in the 2011-12 season.

Keep in mind that save percentages are not solely indicative of a goalkeepers’ performance – they are just the closest, most accurate numbers available right now to gauge how a netminder plays.

Phinney’s game save percentages have been more consistent this season than last. He has been relied upon a lot this season, and has 422 saves to date – roughly 100 less than his last season total of 525 saves.

The charts below show the difference in game save percentages and from last season to this season, by game:

Phinney game by game Sv chart

Phinney Game by Game Sv

Oddly, Phinney’s save percentages dropped in the second game of last season and this season. There were three times this season when Phinney recorded higher save percentages than he did at any time over his first 12 games last year.

Here are the differences in Phinney’s game goals-against average. (Goals-against averages are, however, primarily a team statistic:)

Phinney game GAA chart Phinney game GAA line

The charts below compare how Phinney’s season save percentage changed after each game.

Colton Phinney Season Save Percentage - game by game change chart Colton Phinney Season Save Percentage - game by game change

His season save percentage is better this season than last. While it appears to be slightly more consistent this season, it mirrors the same flow of his season save percentages from last season.

Here is how Phinney’s season goals-against average changed after each game:

Phinney season GAA chart Phinney season GAA line

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