Analysis: Princeton vs. Harvard 12.4.15

For this portion, I wanted to look at Princeton’s 2-1 overtime win against Harvard in December. For those who remember, the tight game ended with a fantastic play from defender Kelsey Koelzer in the extra frame. I actually wasn’t at this game, so I saw the whole game for the first time specifically for this post.

I didn’t have many areas of focus, but here were some things I looked for:

  • Karlie Lund: The freshman has been unstoppable for Princeton, and I was looking for some clips that would show what’s helped her succeed.
  • Kelsey Koelzer: Last week head coach Jeff Kampersal told me that Koelzer, a forward converted to defense, has been getting better on the defensive side. So I was looking for her defensive plays.
  • The power play: Kampersal has been emphasizing that Princeton needs to work on its power play. The Tiger advantage is 23rd in the nation.

Let me start with Koelzer. Her goal was incredible, but I wanted something that showcased her defensively. So I found this clip of Koelzer, where she makes a good defensive play. I circled her in the first frame so you can see where she starts and how she reacts calmly to the play:


Koelzer isn’t extremely close to the play, but she does a good job of getting over to Harvard’s forward and knocking the puck away. Koelzer is known pretty well for her offensive ability though, which brings me to her game-winning goal:


I don’t think Koelzer’s goal needs any explanation, so I’ll go to my next point – the power play. The Tigers turn the puck over a lot on the power play and have trouble moving it or getting any Grade-A shots off. It’s the same for opponents when Princeton is on the penalty kill though, and in this game they shut down the nation’s top power play unit.

I’ve talked a lot about Karlie Lund and how effective she’s been for the Tigers. Here’s a clip of her bringing the puck in Princeton’s offensive zone, and I want you to watch how she gets the puck past a couple of Crimson defenders:


And here’s another one of Lund, who picks the puck up in Harvard’s zone and tries to get an angled shot off:


I was also hoping to grab some footage of Stephanie Sucharda, because she’s also been a force on the blue line. I was unable to get some footage, but she’s played well on the point for the power play.

Something else I wanted to note was Kimberly Newell’s play. It’s no secret she’s one of the best goaltenders is the country, and she proved it in the game. Newell was especially pressed in the third period but wasn’t giving up many second chances on net (one of the few times she did resulted in Harvard’s goal).

That’s all for now, but hopefully I can get to some more games – especially since the current team (which is on a 10-game winning streak) has solidified since this game.

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