2014-15 Princeton Hockey Schedule

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The 2014-15 Princeton hockey schedule, featuring links to recaps, sidebars and photo galleries.

Oct. 31 Princeton vs. Yale (Liberty Hockey Invitational)T, 2-2RecapCorsiPhotos
Nov. 2Princeton vs. Merrimack (Liberty Hockey Invitational)L, 6-1RecapDavis' ReturnCorsiPhotos
Nov. 7Princeton vs. Cornell*W, 2-1RecapGrabowski Returns Home | Corsi
Nov. 8Princeton vs. Colgate*L, 5-1RecapCorsiPhotos
Nov. 14Princeton at RPI*L, 3-1Recap
Nov. 15Princeton at Union*L, 6-1Recap
Nov. 21Princeton at. St. Lawrence*L, 3-0Recap
Nov. 22Princeton at Clarkson*L, 4-0Recap
Nov. 28Princeton vs. Michigan StateW, 3-1RecapMike Ambrosia Returns | Former Teammates Max Becker, John Draeger Face OffPhotos
Nov. 29Princeton vs. Michigan StateL, 4-2RecapPhotos
Dec. 5Princeton vs. Harvard*L, 4-3Recap Defensive Partners Joe Grabowski, Tommy Davis Score First GoalsPhotos
Dec. 6Princeton vs. Dartmouth*L, 4-2RecapPhotos
Dec. 12Princeton at Minnesota StateL, 5-0Recap
Dec. 13Princeton at Minnesota StateCancelled
Dec. 27Princeton at Quinnipiac*L, 2-0Recap
Dec. 28Princeton vs. Quinnipiac*L, 1-0RecapPhotos
Jan. 3Princeton vs. Russian Red Stars#W, 4-3RecapBenitez cherishes first collegiate start Photos
Jan. 9Princeton vs. Union*L, 5-2RecapPhotos
Jan. 10Princeton vs. RPI*L, 5-2RecapPhotos
Jan. 28Princeton vs. ArmyW, 4-1RecapPhotos
Jan. 30Princeton at Yale*L, 4-0RecapPhotos
Jan. 31Princeton at Brown*T, 2-2RecapPhotos
Feb. 6Princeton at Colgate*L, 2-0Recap
Feb. 7Princeton at Cornell*L, 4-2Recap
Feb. 13Princeton vs. Clarkson*W, 2-1RecapPhotos
Feb. 14Princeton vs. St. Lawrence*T, 1-1RecapPhotos
Feb. 20Princeton vs. Brown*L, 4-1Recap Switch to forward pays off for Kevin LissPhotos
Feb. 21Princeton vs. Yale*L, 6-2RecapPhotos
Feb. 27Princeton at Dartmouth*L, 3-1Recap
Feb. 28Princeton at Harvard*L, 5-0Recap
March 6Princeton at Dartmouth^L, 3-2Recap
March 7Princeton at Dartmouth^L, 2-0Recap

* denotes ECAC game

# denotes exhibition game

^ denotes ECAC tournament game

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